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So many people look at me funny when I tell them I am the Director of Restoration Services at Pinecrest Cleaners. “You do more than dry cleaning?” “What is restoration?”  “Oh, wow I didn’t even know there were companies that did that.” So, here is an explanation of what we do.

Our purpose in restoration cleaning is to remove all the items in the home that have been damaged by smoke, soot or even products from the fire being extinguished. This could include clothes, shoes, drapes, linens, bedding, leather, stuffed animals and even more. All of these things need to be cleaned so that there is no odor or chemicals left when the owner is able to return to the home.

Usually, I get a call from an insurance adjuster, they give me the client’s info and I call them to explain what we do and to schedule a time to meet at their home. It’s also not unusual for an individual to bring their items to us; we don’t always have to do work through the insurance. Once we (myself and another team member) arrive we start to bag all the fabric items in the house. We take these bags back to our plant to be prepared for cleaning. Before the cleaning process even begins each item is sorted and tagged in with the clients name on it.

Once sorted, the appropriate cleaning measures are taken such as laundering or dry cleaning. If needed we use an ozone machine to completely rid the clothing of any smoke odor. Once the items are cleaned they are pressed, hung and stored until the owner is ready to get them back.


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