While laundry is generally identified with the way a garment is cleaned, in our industry it has more to do with how it is finished. Many “dryclean” items may actually be cleaned in water (wetcleaning). Dryclean garments are dried and then finished on padded presses using steam and low temperature steam heated irons. Normally a significant amount of hand finishing is required.

Laundry items are pressed and dried at the same time. The garments are placed on the presses while still wet, then steam heated metal plates squeeze and dry the garments to a smooth crisp finish. This process is used almost exclusively with cotton and cotton blend fabrics.

Landry Shirts*

At PineCrest Cleaners, your shirts are treated with the utmost care, from start to finish.  Our staff is trained to take every step to ensureshirts that your shirts come back to you looking like new and ready to wear.

  • Your collar stays are removed before cleaning and returned to you.
  • We use the best detergents on the market, utilizing multiple enzymes to get out tough stains, while leaving the whites and colors incredibly bright.
  • Stains that won’t come out in the normal laundry cycle are expertly spot cleaned with stain specific spotting chemicals.
  • Shirts are pressed on state of the art pressing machines, and each and every shirt gets hand touched to remove machine imperfections.
  • NO MORE BROKEN BUTTONS! Our inspectors are trained to inspect every single button, from cuffs to collars to the front buttons.  Broken buttons are replaced free. If we miss one, we’ll re-do you shirt for free.

We’re confident that you’ll love your shirts from PineCrest Cleaners.

*Because our Laundry Shirts are machine pressed at a high temperature and pressure, some shirts are not suitable for this type process. Examples of shirts that must be hand finished include:

  • Fabrics that have rayon, silk, nylon or wool content.
  • Decorative trim including snap and fancy button fasteners.
  • Multiple layers e.g. flaps.
  • Velcro and zippered pockets.

Additionally, the shirts must be able to lay flat and smooth on the press to avoid severe wrinkles.  Shirts that are too small to fit the press forms and those that are sown with darts and pleats generally won’t do well on our shirt press.

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